2257 Notice

In reference to United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257, BestGaySites.net is not the producer of any sexually explicit material, but provides advertisements for trusted and safe gay websites. The 2257 documentation for each particular site is supplied on the server which belongs to the primary producer. Visual depictions pursuant to 18 USC 2257 are (1) hosted by third party sites and displayed on BestGaySites.net by the use of embed code; (2) directly hosted on our site for advertisement purpose; or (3) uploaded and shared by use of our video sharing feature. In regards to (1) and (2), Links to all third-party 2257 information are provided below (the list is continuously updated). In regards to (3), we require the following to ensure compliance:

  • Users must agree that they are over the age of 18 prior to uploading any video
  • Users must agree that anyone appearing in the uploaded video(s) are over the age of 18, and that they hold necessary records and documentation to prove this
  • We review all uploaded material, and also investigate material which users flag as innapropriate. Any material deemed to be illegal, unlawful, offensive or harassing is immediately removed without delay

We do everything we can to respect and stay in accordance with this law, and will continue to make every effort to ensure proper conduct on the site. We are not located in the United States, but do everything we can to respect and properly follow this law. BestGaySites.net is not the primary producer of any sexually explicit media, and will only publish hosted material from sites that comply with 18 USC 2257, and who can provide documentation to prove that all models were over 18 at the time of production (with proper 2257 documentation).

For any other enquiries, regarding privacy, copyright or other information, please visit the Terms of Service or DMCA Notice for proper usage of BestGaySites.net. Furthermore, BestGaySites.net will attempt to follow any steps to promote the protection of children and the fight against child pornography. This site has been labelled with ICRA and RTA

In regards to the gallery section, all 2257 documentation is available via the site which is hosting the material. We grab thumbnail images from the galleries themselves, and all gallery pages are hosted by the respective site. We only link to hosted galleries from sponsors who are trustworthy and are able to provide 2257 documentation on their sites. Below is a list of all sponsors used in our galleries section, along with a link to their 2257 statement.

Please direct all inquiries regarding USC 2257 to webmaster@bestgaysites.net

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