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Sometimes real-life porn just doesn't cut it; sometimes we desire some outlandish and fantastical sex scenario and are stuck wandering inside our heads. This is when 3D Gay World jumps in to save the day :p! The site's growing 32-page archive is like a literotica database, only better! The comics include science fiction, fantasy, historical, mythical, as well as real-life story-lines! Filled with over 140 Full Comics, this site churns out approximately three 100 percent exclusive hardcore updates per month! Compared to the few 'toon' sites out there, the artwork and stories on 3D Gay World cannot be found anywhere else on the net and, of course, are 3D!

3D Gay World's membership area is simply laid-out, with the most recent (dated) updates on the front-page. The site is further divided into the comics archive area and the series gallery archive. Since 2006, the exclusive comics have been updating at a rapid pace, now with loads and loads of unique storylines and categories. Many of the comics featured here are reminiscent of erotic fantasy stories I read long ago, only this time they are fully illustrated in 3D! The artists and story creators put a ton of effort into the comics, and produce them solely for 3D Gay World. Something I will surely praise about the site, is its wide variety of scenarios! There is a crazy splattering of niches, from fantasy to more realistic prison and army scenes. Since the updates normally come out in a series of episodes, the storylines often continue and expand! Surely, members must be aware of the exact content that they will receive, and it is important to realize that 3D Gay World provides comics and image galleries (aka no videos). To get an idea of some crazy comic updates from the members' area, read below!

In "Boner Beach Boys," a muscular young lad stops for a piss at the beach toilets. After catching someone peeping at his cock from a gloryhole, he decides to stick his dick in the hole. The cocksucker leaves the toilets without finishing the super-hung lad off, so he waits at the urinals for someone to service him! Another muscular hunk enters, and the two get into some hardcore action in the rank men's toilets! This comic is definitely one of my favourites, and the illustrations are superbly done. The guys in this scene are massively hung and muscled, and the surrounding is created perfectly: an open rusted shower, doorless toilet stalls and a gloryhole set directly onto the urinals... couldn't ask for a better men's toilet :p!

There are a massive amount of fantasy comics, as well as science-fiction related scenarios. In "Jack and the Beanstalk, the uncensored gay version," author and illustrator Filbert creates an unusual and completely erotic spin on the famous fairy tale! Naturally, everyone in the scene is naked, Jack, the giant, as well as the giant's tiny caged man-servant! When the tiny Jack first attempts to steal some gold coins from the giant, he can't resist checking out the massive naked man! The little naked lad jumps onto the gigantic hairy beast and decides that a little groping and feeling around would be harmless! He feels around the giant's hairy chest and head-sized nipples, and then moves down to the man-sized flaccid cock! Jack can't help himself and decides to straddle the massive cock, sliding up and down the shaft. The sleeping giant gets a mammoth erection and sprays Jack with a huge load, waking him up in the process. What happens next is even more surreal and hardcore!

3D Gay World - 3D Animation Porn

There seem to be a wide variety of giant scenarios, including "Attack of the 50 foot man!" This comic comprises several episodes, and is another superbly done comic by Filbert! In the fantastically hardcore second episode, the gigantic and completely naked fifty-foot man is found sleeping in the central square. The emergency worker slowly and excitingly surveys the scene, getting up-close to the giant's sweaty ass, balls and cock! As the oversized man sleeps, the worker gets naked and decides to crawl up to his ass, first sticking in his human-sized cock, and finally making his way to the giant's piss-hole for a more appropriately sized fuck-hole. When the fifty-foot man awakes, he gets a huge erection, and the small man quickly jumps on top and begins to ride it. What happens next involves the town sheriff and a massive 'giant' cumshot!

Some other scenarios include sadomasochism, prison guards and prisoners, gladiators, mythical creatures, teacher-student action and much more. "The Adventures of Little Willie: Cabinboy," is one of the popular and most updated series on the site, filled with naked sadistic pirates, hung sailors and an innocent cabinboy! The naked gladiator series is another of the hottest updated series, where hung, muscled Romans are put to all sorts of hardcore trials and tests! The comic database is huge and has been constantly updated since 2006. Apart from the main attraction, 3D Gay World also features over 170 'Series Galleries,' which comprise a mixture of hardcore and softcore porn galleries. As an added bonus, members will also receive free access to Crazy XXX 3D World, the straight xxx comic megasite!

3D Gay World - 3D Animation Porn


3D Gay World is one of the very few sites featuring completely exclusive gay comics! Not only are the 3D artworks and storylines unique and imaginative, the site continuously updates with expanded episodes and crazy hardcore scenarios. To briefly sum up, there are over 140 full-length comics, over 170 'real' porn galleries, and approximately 3 comic updates per month. As this is an illustrative comic site, there are no videos featured at 3D Gay World. I have never seen such an extensive amount and variety of gay porn comics, or imaginative artwork! The price for one-month is a little steep, but long-term membership options are quite reasonable. With membership, you can be assured of continued exclusive episodic updates from sole contributing artists. This porn surely takes a stroll from the ordinary and, in my eyes, completely delivers!


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Info checked August 2010
Updates 3 times per month
Bonus Complete access to the straight 3D Porn site: Crazy XXX 3D World
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Number of Exclusive Galleries 140+ Full Comic Galleries
Number of Series Galleries 170+ Photo Sets
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