About My Boys: Slim European Twinks

About My Boys is an all-twink site featuring amateur guys between the ages of 18 and 22! The site is based in Berlin, Germany, so the models are all hot young European guys. The site claims that they update every week with photo gallery/video content. The main members' page is simply laid out, with a no-frills easily navigable design. Upon login, you're immediately presented with the photo gallery section: currently featuring over 60 full galleries. There is also a webcam area, interactive area, and a video downloads section.

I was overly impressed by the photo gallery section, with each gallery holding an insane amount of images. On average, there are over 2000 photos of each model! And these are not grainy pathetic photos either! Instead, each photo has a resolution of about 1500x1000 and looks remarkably clear! Most of the galleries are solo, where one lad strips down and poses. Yet, there are several duo galleries as well that feature equally as impressive quality. The models are entirely exclusive to the site, and are all 100% fresh 18-22 year olds. They certainly do appear to be "hand-picked." There are many twink sites that feature hundreds upon hundreds of images/videos, but the guys are just not attractive. Quantity over quality does not work, and About My Boys has done a fine job featuring only the best looking European twinks! Overall, the photo section is quite impressive, with a total of over 120,000 images!

The video section is equally as impressive as the former gallery page! Not only are all videos 16:9 widescreen, but they are in DivX downloadable format! I was incredibly pleased that the irritating DRM technology was not implemented in the content, leaving members able to download and keep whatever they please. I was also happy to see DivX format used, rather than WMV. This enables Mac and PC users to equally enjoy the available updates. Also, the videos are easily packaged in ZIP format, making the download size a reasonable average of about 200 MB.

There are currently over 35 full-length videos available for download, each featuring models that are found in the exclusive photo galleries. I was again impressed by the quality of the videos when opened in my media player! The resolution averages around 720x400, and appears very clear when expanded to full-screen. Hooking computer-to-TV was equally as nice, where the colors were vibrant and clear.

The majority of video content, like photo content, is solo. The models begin by showing their bodies to viewers, and then strip down to intimately expose their cute nude physiques. For the next half of the clip, members can watch the 18+ boys jerk-off and cum for their audience! There are, however, a few duo scenes which are incredibly hot! The film which features models Filip and Fernando has some incredibly sexy oral action, where both jerk each other off 'till completion. Again, the quality of both videos and photos are stellar. It is relatively rare to find a good twink site that features high-quality content throughout its entire archive!

Apart from photos and videos, there is a webcam section available to members. Model Marcel, who is remarkably cute, is available for live webcam shows at various times throughout the week. The live chat is free, but members still must pay a PPV fee to chat privately with Marcel.

There is also an 'interactive' section, which is unique and a wonderful asset to the site. Here, members can not only participate in the forums, but can view videos and browse galleries of back-stage material. This is entirely amateur and very real, as you can see models back-stage and getting photographed. The quality of videos and photos in this section are the same as all other videos and photos on the rest of the site.

About My Boys: 18-22 year old guys


About My Boys is a high-quality and entirely exclusive twink site. The photo library is immense and features over 2000 images of all 60+ models. The video library is not as large, but is updating weekly! The resolution is both widescreen and top-notch, making the viewing experience that much more enjoyable. As this site focuses on the beauty of each model, rather than just the hardcore sex, be prepared for mainly solo material. I would therefore recommend this site to all you twink-lovers out there who love oogling over cute lads! Click here to head on over to About My Boys!


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Images 19/20
Videos 16/20
Originality 14/20
Site Size 16/20
Pricing 13/20
Total 78/100


Playback Download-able, NO DRM
Download Formats DivX - in ZIP file
Number of Videos 35+
Video Size ~200 MB
Quality 16:9 format, 720x400
Models 60+
Resolution 1500 x 1000
Number of photos per Model ~2000
Total number of Photos 120,000+
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 29.95 for 30 days monthly recurring for 29.95
Option 2 34.95 for 30 days non-recurring
Option 3 94.95 for 90 days non-recurring
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