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Update (February 2010): The Asian Guys site has been re-designed, and offers many new features, including and advanced personals system. Membership level determines the features members will receive, including video/photo content, as well as specific features within the personals section. Click here to see the features and comparison of membership options claims to be "the largest and most updated" site featuring exclusively hard-core Asian content. On the intro page, it also claims there are 5 updates per week, which is quite impressive. The preview tour gives a good idea of what to expect when becoming a member. On the right side of the navigation menu, you can click on the numerous site categories to get a brief explanation, along with some sample images of what to expect from the member content.

By clicking 'Updates' on the top menu, you are given lengthy descriptions and clear images of the latest additions to the site. This is the best part of the free section, and is a useful tool to help prospective members get an idea what the site is all about! The preview tour does not have much in terms of full-size sample images or movies, so read on to see what the member's section is really all about!

The member's section is categorized nicely and presents the extremely large database of content cleanly. The main page is categorized into several sections, with the recent updates on-top. Judging from the dates of these latest updates, it is clear that they are genuinely frequent and occur 5+ times a week. There is also an area describing the upcoming updates, proving there is a constant flow of future content as well. This is great news for members, as you are sure to receive ongoing fresh material when joining

The site is separated into the following categories: Photo galleries, Video galleries, Full-length movies and Bonus content. The photo galleries are divided into five sub-sections, including featured models, cock and ass, hot sex, foot fetish and fem boys. Let's take a closer look into the photo section:

The first photo category, featured models, has a whopping 900+ galleries filled with hot Asian guys! Each gallery has about 50 images, which means there are likely over 45,000 pictures in this section alone! Not only are the images plentiful, but the resolution is large and crystal-clear (at about 768x1024). In this image category, the photo shoots feature the models posing, stripping and usually jerking-off. Also worth mentioning is that each gallery lists the date it was added, again proving to members the commitment to frequent and on-time updates.

To further explain the other photo sections, the 'cock and ass' category has over 580 galleries, the 'hot sex' galleries have over 100, the 'foot fetish' section has over 300 and the 'fem boys' category currently has about 35 galleries. This latter category displays twinky Asian guys who are more effeminate, stripping down and displaying their smooth bodies. As is apparent, the images number in the hundreds of thousands, and update either weekly or bi-weekly (depending on the image category).

The video sections are also divided into several sub-sections, including hot sex, solo, raw, exclusive, iPod videos and fem boys. Clicking on the first category, hot sex, you are provided (presently) with nearly 60 clips. This section has mainly duo sex action, with loads of cock sucking and fucking. Under 'Raw' videos, there are currently about 80 clips. This section is loaded with tons of hardcore action, with several group or threesome scenes, facials and more couple sex! There are over 80 solo clips, over 20 fem boy clips, over 220 videos encoded for iPod and over 135 exclusive videos. Excluding the iPod videos, the video section is climbing to nearly 400 videos (at a rather quick pace), which is definitely noteworthy! Worth mentioning though is that many of the video-clips are divided into several sections, so out of the many hundreds of videos, there can be anywhere from 1 to 5+ clips totaling one full-length scene.

The videos are available in streaming content, where you can choose high-speed or low-speed, and either Windows Media or Quick Time format. The high-speed Windows Media files are the largest, averaging around 50 mb each. The clips are relatively short for the most part, averaging in the 3-4 minute range. Many of these videos, as mentioned earlier, are part of a series that make up an entire scene. The resolution of the high-speed format is quite clear and displays at 640x480 resolution!

Full length movies: This category of the site is also sub-divided into six sections, including: Hot Asians, Latin Balls, Ethnic Hunks, Latino Bambinos, Asian Elite and Latin Elite. This section is filled with external video feeds, where you can watch full-length movies in streaming format! There is some content variety here, so you can choose to sample some Latin and ethnic men along with the Asian feeds.

The Bonus categories of the site include erotic stories, anime art and complete access to's sister-site, (Click here to read the review for this site). There are currently over 100 erotic stories in the archive, while the anime art section has nearly 20 galleries.

Asian Guys: Gay Asian Porn

Conclusion: is definitely jam-packed with content! It can take months to get through half the content on this site! If you are in love with cute Asian guys, you must head over to this site and check it out for yourself! Along with the 100,000+ images and massive amounts of video content, you get full access to! There are tons of membership options, startingas low as 3.95! Overall, this truly is one incredible deal. To take a look at some preview content, check out the 'Updates' section of the preview tour. Head on over to now!


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Images 17/20
Videos 17/20
Originality 14/20
Site Size 18/20
Pricing 17/20
Total 83/100
Updates 5 per week
Number of Videos ~400
Resolution ~640x480
Average Video Length 3-4 Minutes
Average Video Size ~50 MB
Video Formats Streaming: WMV, Quicktime
Number of Photos 100,000+
Resolution 768x1024
Included Sites
Included with Membership to Asian Guys Spunk Toons
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 3 day trial for 3.95, re-bills at 29.95
Option 2 7 day trial for 9.95, re-bills at 29.95
Option 3 14 day trial for 14.95, re-bills at 29.95
Option 4 Monthly membership for 29.95, re-bills at 24.95
Option 5 Monthly membership (with no re-bills) for 39.95
Option 6 3 month membership for 59.95, re-bills at 49.95 for 3 months
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