Badpuppy: Fit Amateur Men

Update (September 2009): The site is constantly updating, and now has over 615 videos, 1800 photo sets and HD content! The vastness of this site is unreal! Consistently updating and providing non-stop variety content; check it out, with all new high-definition video!

Let me first just say - this site is huge! The front page promises over 500,000 pages of content, 4 new models every week, 24 hour updates and "non-stop arousal." Well, everything promised surely was presented, in a quality and professionally done manner. This site has been around since 1996, standing as one of the oldest gay porn sites on the net! With your membership you receive access to over 100 external gay porn sites (each with a very generous amount of content).

When in the member's area, you are presented with a "what's new" section and a list of featured areas. It tells you what has been updated for each section of the site. Because of the site's incredible magnitude, it is great to have the ability to navigate to all the "Fresh" content directly, and let me tell you - there's a LOT of it.

The sections of the site are split into 22 sections, including: community, contributors, erotic stories, gallery photos, models, streaming video, video clips, video reviews, webcams, live sex, etc...

The first sections I checked out were the chat and community sections. The chat channel allows you access to the badpuppy chat on One great addition to your membership at badpuppy, is a granted free 7 day trial with premium personals and chat. This is a great service, with over 3 million profiles available. The community section of the site includes chat, jokes, gay news, links, forums, etc... The list goes on. This section is a neat, informative area, adding to the breadth of the site: including more than a mere "porn site."

The contributors' area certainly blew me away. I spend hours and hours and hours here, only to view a portion of it. There contains access to over 100 gay porn sites, including 3D Studs (showing men in unique 3D perspective), Colt mens' personal pages, and The latter page kept me engaged for several hours in itself. This site is hott! Donnie Russo is one hott man, with a rugged, muscled, manly body. This site includes tons of images, along with a very impressive selection of videoclips (totalling over 65). I couldn't believe that this site was only an incredibly small portion of this site. It is 1 out of over 100 sites listed in 1 out of 22 sections! The great thing about the contributors sites, is they include a wide varitey of niches, ranging from twinks to muscle studs.

There is an erotic story section, which even allows you the ability to search its archives of stories. There include 318 erotic stories from the last update, many of which are illustrated with very hott pictures.

Badpuppy: Muscular Gay Men

The "Badpuppy galleries" stages 57 sections of galleries, each with tons of galleries within. Each section (amateur, bear, cum....) holds an extensive list of galleries in itself. The bear section had 40 galleries in it, which the underwear section had 39. With that magnitude of galleries in each section - well, you do the math - it's a lot of images!

There are 22 different live sex sites included with the membership, many with live chat. There are badpuppy exclusives here that you will only see when subscribing to this site! There also include some pupular ones such as Spy on Him and Boys Condo. If you are into live gay sex, this section has tons of it! Personally, I loved Naked Frat House! The guys were hott!

When a member of Badpuppy, you also recieve access to their "Magazine stand," which has magazines and magazine archives for 27 different publications including Honcho, Playguy, Men Magazine, Torso, etc... The list goes on and on. Each magazine has the hott nude images which you'd get from buying the magazine itself. There also include articles and info in the magazines, such as Unzipped. With this incredible range of porn magazines, you'll have no need to buy another one as long as your a member to the site! For those who like it more "personal," there is also access to 31 webcams. There is live sex, videos.... included with the webcam sites.

One of the largest sections of the site is the video section. There are 24 different streaming video sections, and 12 different downloadable video clips ones. There is no knowing how HUGE this section is without knowing some stats: there include 5064 Professional video clips (from studios), 1948 amateur video clips, and 38 badpuppy model clips. Now, this is just the status at the time I reviewed the site. This number grows with the many updates Badpuppy does a week! Also, these stats are just for the downloadable video clips, it doesn't even include the streaming ones! One section of clips that really caught my attention was Underwear Studs. There are over 60 video clips alone in this section, all of hott, studly men in nothing but their underwear, and then nothing at all. The videoclips section is almost impossible to go through in entirety; it's huge!

One very useful area of the site is the video review section. At the time of this review, there included 1534 professional videoreviews (of those porn movies which are done through studios), and 584 amateur porn video reviews. These numbers do not mean as much until you actually see what each review holds. They each have a quality, professionaly-done written review, along with many image video captures from the film. Many of the reviews also contain sample video clips, allowing you to see parts of the movie at hand! This is a very useful area, allowing you to learn and see parts of the film before deciding to go an buy it.

The section which is entirely exclusive and makes Badpuppy so unique is its incredible Badpuppy models section! This area is simply outstanding and filled with incredibly hott men! When I reviewed, there included 1122 models! Each model has over 100 images, and some have videoclips. The images are of extremely high quality. You can choose to view each image or watch a slideshow. Also, if you stay a Badpuppy member for 90 days, you'll be able to download all sets in zip format. One other great feature of the model images is you can arbitrarily choose to view the images in any of 4 sizes, ranging from 450x600 all the way up to 960x1280. I chose to view the images in the latter quality, and they were all maginificant and clear, allowing you to see every little bit of the hott Badpuppy studs!

Badpuppy: Muscular Amateur Men


I'm at a loss of words as to the size and amount of content which this site has. It is incredible! No matter what turns you on, it's almost certain you'll find it here. As the site promised, this site keeps you aroused, non-stop, for days and days and days. I've been subscribed to this site in the past, and when I was once again a member to review this site, I was amazed at the constant updates, done many times a week, and the continuity of the quality content. If you want to see hott gay sex, no matter what your fetish, and see over 500,000 pages of it... join this site!


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Images 17/20
Videos 19/20
Originality 15/20
Site Size 20/20
Pricing 19/20
Total 90/100
Info checked September 2009
Number of Videos 615+
Video Options Download-able, NO DRM
Video Formats WMV, Quicktime, HD
Video Resolution 720x480
Average Video Length 20-25 Minutes
Number of Photos 1800+ Sets, each with 150+ Images
*Option to download the entire gallery as ZIP file
Billing Options
Processor CCBill, Epoch, Badpuppy Preferred (Powered by DHD Media)
Option 1 $9.95 3 Day Trial Membership / $19.95 Monthly Auto-Renewing
Option 2 $15.00 10 Day Membership (One Time Charge)
Option 3 $19.95 Special Offer* Monthly Membership / $19.95 Monthly Auto-Renewing
Option 4 $34.95 One Month Membership (One Time Charge)
Option 5 $54.95 Three Month Membership (One Time Charge)
Option 6 $99.95 Six Month Membership (One Time Charge)
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