Blacks on Boys: White Boy Domination

Update (February 2010): The site is constantly updating, and is as hot as ever! There are now over 188 videos and always weekly video additions. Also, members now receive access to all 17 sites (mainly straight). Read below for the full review:

First off, I must say that this is one of the hottest porn sites I've come across to date. First stumbling upon this site, I hadn't heard much about it so I decided to contact the webmasters to do a review for their site. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, by the content available at! From the title, it is obvious to infer the content revolves around "blacks on boys." But more precisely, each episode involves two big muscle-tops (who happen to be black) dominating a white bottom-boy. The sex on this site is incredibly hot, and even if you're not into interracial sex, this site is sure to get you off time and time again. Inside, I was extremely excited to see some of the hottest sex, biggest cocks, and most amazing facials I've seen in gay porn! There's so much cum in these videos, it's more than impressive... each load landing all over the white boy's face, mouth or [more rarely] chest. I'll talk about some of the videos you'll find here, but first I'll explain what the member's section is like.

When you first enter the member's area of Blacks on Boys, you'll immediately realize that the interface is extremely compatible and easy-to-use. The pages are split into sections, each pertaining to the video - with a summary of the action, the movies and the images. There is also a rating system, which allows you to rate and view the ratings of the videos from other customers. One other interesting feature of the site is the ability to change the look (color template) of the site; I thought this was a neat touch. There are, at the time of this review, eleven pages with about six videos on each (give or take). Therefore, there are a little over 60 videos on the site to date (UPDATE: now over 188 videos, as of February 2010). What is most noteworthy here is that these videos aren't short or even mediocre length, but instead they span mostly about 30-40 minutes, and are able to be viewed in many formats. For those with a slower internet connection, there is the option of viewing the movie in many small chunks of about 2-3 minutes (usually about 15 parts), or viewing the entire full-length movie at a lower resolution. There is then the option of viewing the movie in Broadband speed, either in three high-resolution parts, or as the entire movie. The quality here is outstanding! The broadband movies are streamed at 640x480 resolutions, which come through extremely clear - more so than most porn sites I've visited.

For each film, there are also tons of vidcap images to view, each being in high-resolution. There are approximately 300 vidcap images to view for each movie, along with about 60-70 4-Panel pictures. These images greatly document the movie, giving you a chance to preview it before viewing. There are also extremely hot still images, especially the shots of those literally "drenched" facial-endings that must be seen to be believed.

So, after looking over the pages and previewing the images I was, needless to say, very excited to begin checking out the videos. The first I viewed was that of the model: Anthony. The host of this video, as with most of the videos here, is Chris Dano. He does an excellent job getting you into the film, stating witty remarks and comments throughout his brief, yet comical introduction. He gives a "lowdown when it comes to pimpin' men (as opposed to women)," by describing the services of his "Pimpalicious Studios." After the introduction, Anthony (the bottom-boy who has a charming and sexy look) and Solomon, another of the top men (who has an incredible black body, with impressive muscles and a beyond impressive cock) get down to action. Solomon begins to remove his clothing, while Anthony strokes Solomon's cock through his pants and boxers. Anthony looks with amazement at the huge bulge in Solomon's boxers, which is honestly something to "inchelize," as Dano so eloquently exclaims. Anthony excitingly begins sucking Solomon's cock, which has got to be near the size of his head! After some very nice oral action, Dano jumps into the excitement by whipping his long, thick cock out for Anthony to wrap his lips around. He's soon feeding on both massive tools. If you're at all into big cocks, you must check this site out immediately. Each video has enough inches to make a yard stick. Anyhow, back to the video - Anthony sits on Solomon's cock as their fucking begins and after he has his way with him, Dano gets his turn with the subservient bottom! Solomon takes yet another turn fucking and then comes Dano once again. Then Anthony sits on the ground below both Dano and Solomon as they jerk-off and prepare to cum. Solomon lets out a massive cumshot, which lands all over Anthony's face, literally covering the entire right side. It's dripping off his cheek, mouth, neck and chest. This man can cum! Then, when you think it can't get any better, Dano comes in and releases his load all over Anthony's already covered face. The amazing close-up shots of the sweet bottom getting his entire face coated with cum are worth the entire scene. What's so amazing is every video (all 60+ of them) have cumshots of equal, sometimes more intense, caliber. It must then be stated that - if you're at all into facial cumshots, this is the ultimate site I've seen, far surpassing the very mediocre facial sites out there today!

Another of the videos I'll talk a bit about is that of white bottom Derek. This video "features two gigantic black adonises who stumble across Derek having some 'alone time,'" as is stated in the film's description. Derek has a more masculine look to him, with a hairy body and a goatee. The video starts with him jerking-off in bed, until two extremely hot, black muscled men come in to find him (one being Solomon from the previous video). Derek gets down on his knees and begins some very impressive cocksucking, blowing both huge black cocks simultaneously. Solomon and the other hunky man take turns fucking Derek, until he goes right back to chowing down on the massive cocks. Oh but wait, then there's some more fucking. The ending is incredible, with both men giving a facial maybe more impressive than the one given to Anthony. Derek opens his mouth wide for Solomon's load, while cum lands all over his face and fills up his mouth. There are some amazing close-up shots, where you can see Derek swishing the cum around in his mouth, then placing Solomon's cock back in his mouth and savoring the cum yet again. The other man then cums on his own chest and Derek's face, while Derek hungrily licks up much of the missed cum. This video was again extremely hot, and contained some out-of-this-world (again) facials and cum eating shots!

I could talk about all the videos on this site, for I didn't find one I didn't greatly enjoy... but I'll leave you to discover the rest. As I mentioned earlier, this site is definitely worth checking out if you're into big cocks, cumshots, facials, hot sex, or more precisely, watching white bottom-boys get dominated by big, hunky black tops (with huge cocks)!

Blacks on Boys: Gay Interracial Porn


It's very rare and far-between that I come across a site such as this. The quality of content is amazing! The men are hot, exclusive and fresh, and the cumshots/facials get me going just thinking about them. There is some nice cock worship here also, where the bottoms look in awe at the massive pieces of man-meat they're presented with. The site is easy to navigate, and very customizable: with a search engine, custom templates, voting system, etc... The videos add story-lines and interviews, which actually compliment the videos quite nicely, and well... just feature some of the hottest guys with some of the biggest cocks I've seen on the net! What's so great here is: this site has some of the hottest content, which involves the dominating of bottoms who are muscled, Twinky and even hairy/masculine. Even with this range, which can apply to whatever your tastes seem to be, all of the guys are very sexy and... willing to take big black cocks!


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Images 16/20
Videos 19/20
Originality 19/20
Site Size 19/20
Pricing 17/20
Total 90/100
Info checked February 2010
Updates Weekly
Number of Videos 188+
Resolution 640x480
Video Options Streaming or Download-able, NO DRM
Video Formats WMV
Average Video Length 30 Minutes
Number of Photos ~300 screencaps for each video
Resolution 640x480, or more rarely 1024X685
Billing Options
Processor CCBill, Epoch, Euro Debit, Checking Account
Option 1 29.99 USD for 30 days, recurring
Option 2 59.97 USD for 3 months, non-recurring
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