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Breeder Fuckers and The Casting Room - Lukas and Edward

Pretty big news this week, as StraightHell and FirstAuditions cease acceptance of new members! But not to worry, two new sites have been released to replace our beloved porn havens, with the same high-quality crude and undeniably hardcore material, and including all content that was present on the previous sites! Therefore, by signing-up for The Casting Room, you will gain access to all the older material from FirstAuditions, plus new weekly updates; the same can be said for BreederFuckers, where new members will receive access to all old StraightHell content as well as new weekly updates. If you are a current member of either StraightHell or FirstAuditions, you will continue to receive access to the site(s)’ content, but if you are a new subscriber, you’ll need to jump abord two newly-polished ships! In this week’s new episode from BreederFuckers, poor Lukas gets whipped, caned and fucked with a vibrator… with all the usual sexual cruelty that went along with StraightHell. Over at The Casting Room, a straight professional fighter named Edward shows off his uncut cock and hot ass for a little extra money! Check out the sites now!

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January 18th, 2011

Straight Hell - Dimitri, Part 5

The latest from StraightHell: Crazy new public sexual domination video from StraightHell, as Dimitri continues to be violated and forcibly made suck cock, get fucked and rim ass. He is dragged nearby to a public park, where onlookers laugh and ridicule the naked and humiliated young lad. He is made to suck cock, drink cum and rim Dave’s ass… all while outside in a public area!

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