Dick's Casting Couch: Amateur Men Jerking Off

Ever wanted to see what goes on when a guy tries out for porn? At Dick's Casting Couch the whole idea centers around just this: the auditioning of hott, young guys who want to chance to star in a porn flick. The site has a unique concept which has a very amateur quality to it, where the guys actually seem like they are there to audition for porn. Many other sites which promise this similar concept seem much more staged. The guys here range from gay to straight to bi-sexual, and all of them are willing to do whatever it takes to get the part, even try to suck their own cock! If you get off on seeing guys "perform" for the first time, you'll love these videos!

The tour area of the site doesn't do justice to what is inside, but it does allow you to see some sample images of the models and a trailer to one of the DVDs. The main member's page is a very simple, easy-to-use layout, where there is a menu on the left of the screen where you can choose from photos, videos, photopimp, and so on. There is also a store where you can buy movies from the site, along with a suppot section. The updates here occur about every two weeks, which is not as quick as I'd hope, but it still keeps you looking forward to the future release - the front page allows you to preview what's to come.

The first area of the site I check out was the Video section. At the time of this review, there were over 40 videos, spread out over eight pages. The videos can be downloaded in clips, meaning no DRM! Finally a site where you can watch something before it vanishes! The quality of the more recent videos are great, being 720x480. The later videos get lower in quality, but are still good at about 360x240. The first video I checked out was that of Dominic, which can be viewed in four downloaded segments. There is also a link on each video's page which brings you to screencaps of the video. There is an extremely extensive amount of screencaps, allowing you to view just about every segment of the video. This is useful, allowing you to preview what the video is like before you download it. For example, the screencaps for Dominic's video had 12 pages of images (about 250 pictures). In this film, Dominic begins by stripping for the camera, until another young guy comes in. Some nice oral action ensues until the video concludes with the other guy cumming and Dominic cumming all over his chest.

In another of the videos, three young, slim guys try out for their chance to get a role in porn. Justin, Brad and Aaron start out on the couch jerking off, and jerking eachother off. There's some very nice 3-way oral action here, where the guys really get into it. The blonde guy inserts his cock into another of the young guys, and begins to plow him while he's chowing down on yet another guy, who has a very nice thick cock! The oral action here is great, which ends in all three unloading in-front of eachother.

The photo section of the site includes images from all the videos, which as I mentioned earlier includes tons and tons of screencaps! It's very useful to have such extensive captures of the videos, which allows you to figure out what movies you would like to download before-hand. The images are of good, clear quality at 600x400.

With membership to this site, you also have complete access to XXX Photo Pimp, which includes several videos and sets of high quality photos. Each photo-set has about 100 images, each being extremely clear and with high resolution. Both the images and videos include a mix of solo guys and two guys together. Photo Pimp isn't a huge site, but definately a worthy added bonus to joining Dick's Casting Couch.

Dick's Casting Couch: Amateur Men Auditioning for Gay Porn


If you want to see how far guys will go to get a part in porn (some being straight) then check this site out! They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the part: fucking, sucking and just doing what comes natural! So you're aware, the guys are mostly young and more on the slim side. So if you're into twinks, or younger looking guys then you may really enjoy this site. There are some more muscular men on this site, but they aren't as common here. There are some couples trying out, along with some guys getting it on without previously knowing eachother. Overall, the site has some great content, where the feel and look of the videos has a very amateur-style to them. First-timers, young guys, hott sex (a great deal of oral action) and much more! Check out www.dickscastingcouch.com now!


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Images 13/20
Videos 14/20
Originality 13/20
Site Size 15/20
Pricing 15/20
Total 70/100
Info checked February 2006
Number of Videos 40+
Resolution 720x480, 360x240
Video Options Download-able, NO DRM
Number of Photos ~200 screencaps for each video
Resolution 600x400
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 26.95 USD for 1 month, then 19.95 recurring
Option 2 29.95 USD for 1 month, non-recurring
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