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Gay Adult Rental is an online video service that offers short- and longer-term streaming rentals. It claims to be "the world's largest' and boasts an impressive library of over 40,000 DVDs and features over 750 studios. There is also 'Adult Rental' that can be accessed from this site, which offers streaming straight videos. There are a wide array of porn VOD services on the web, so it is important to discern between them and stick with the reliable, high-quality and best bang-for-your-buck sites. Read on to see what the members' section is all about, what the prices are like and how good the quality/money ratio really is.

As with many of the mecca VOD sites, Gay Adult Rental has a very well-organized homepage; the front-page displays the top videos, top studios and new videos, and has both a search and browse function. There are a wide variety of categories to choose from when browsing, including sub-niches such as 'facial.' Users can also browse by studio or star, which makes finding a favorite video quite easy.

Now that I've touched on all the basic and obvious facets of the site, on to what is unique: I was overly impressed by the selection of 'qualities' that are available in streaming format. One can choose from the following five options: low speed, medium speed, high speed, ultra speed (at 1 megabyte) and high definition (at 2 megabytes). This was really quite nice, as even older films from the 90s were provided with an option of high definition streaming. As usual, the video can be streamed either from the beginning or from a specific 'chapter' point. Further, the video can be streamed either in the browser's window, or opened separately with Windows Media Player.

It is important to point out that there is only one format available: Windows Media. Therefore, Windows Media Player 10 is needed and Mac users are not permitted to enjoy the content. This was a bit frustrating, as I am a Mac user and had to switch to a PC in order to preview the content. But, this is not much of a downfall, since most all the VOD services (good ones anyway) have yet to offer Mac compatibility. Yet, Gay Adult Rental does offer iPod rentals which Mac users can ultimately view.

The streaming quality is simply superb, especially when viewed with the high-definition option. It looks absolutely wonderful when hooking up the computer to the television, and needless to say looks even more impressive when expanded to laptop full-screen. Of course, the newer and better-known the studio is, the better the quality is. But what was most enticing was the quality of older vids. Watching videos such as 'Wild Cops' used to look silly and grainy when viewed with the quote-on-quote high-quality option of other VOD sites, but here it somehow looked better and crisper (unless I'm imagining things...). Since I said it enough, I'll leave it at this: the high-definition quality is one of the best features this site has to offer.

Apart from featuring well-known studios such as Factory, Eurocreme, Hot Desert Knights, etc, there are also many harder to find studios such as Rentboy Films. I remember trying to find these titles many months ago, landing only on the option of ordering from a European-based wholesaler. Here, all cum-filled videos can be streamed over and over again!

Whatever your taste may be, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Gay Adult Rental! The fetish categories are extensive, and as previously mentioned, the video library exceeds 40,000 DVDs! If for some reason (?) you are in the mood for straight porn, just select straight from the drop-down menu and access the thousands of straight porn DVDs Adult Rental has to offer!

Okay, now for the important part: Pricing. Like other VOD sites, you can purchase minutes in a PPM format, or choose to pay a one-time fee for a 3-day rental. This 72-hour rental costs only 5.95, which I thought was quite a good price (comparatively speaking). In terms of Pay-Per-Minute, refer to the following options: 25 minutes for 4.75, 70 minutes for 9.95, 125 minutes for 14.95, 225 minutes for 19.95, 350 minutes for 29.95, or 625 minutes for 39.95.

I used to think purchasing per-minute was foolish, as the single-movie price is cheaper. Yet, I now find myself using this option more frequently, as you can watch snippets from all sorts of videos, focusing only on the scenes that interest you. 39.95 for 625 minutes is really quite good, and allows an impressively large amount of video to be viewed.


I must say I was impressed by the video library offered at Gay Adult Rental. Since there are several other 'Big Mamma' VOD services, I went into the site thinking it would dismally fail in comparison. Quite the reverse was true, as there was endless DVD scenes, and a very user-friendly interface to work with. The prices seemed very good in comparison, and there were several studios which I just couldn't find on other sites. And most importantly, the 'high definition' option is both impressive and needed in today's period of new-age porn. Apart from the lack of Mac compatibility, I have nothing bad to say about this site. The content, quality and prices were all very nice, and therefore urge prospectives to run on over to Gay Adult Rental now!


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Images -/-
Videos 17/20
Originality 13/20
Site Size 18/20
Pricing 16/20
Total 64/80
Playback Streaming WMV, iPod Download
Number of Videos 40,000+ Full DVDs
Studios 750+
Streaming Options Low, Medium, High, Ultra Speed (1 MB/s), High Definition (2 MB/s)
Billing Options
Processors Credit Card, Check, euroDebit, DirectPay-Europe, Mail
Option 1 10 min for $1.99
Option 2 25 min for $4.75
Option 3 70 min for $9.95 BONUS! 1 free iPod download
Option 4 125 min for $14.95 BONUS! 2 free iPod downloads
Option 5 225 min for $19.95 BONUS! 3 free iPod downloads
Option 6 350 min for $29.95 BONUS! 4 free iPod downloads
Option 7 625 min for $49.95 BONUS! 5 free iPod downloads
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