Horny Boy TV: Self-sucking Fit Lads

Hornyboy.TV is a non-subscription site which enables you to purchase full video scenes at a non-recurring, non-DRM, low priced deal. The scenes truly are quite low in price (at about $0.99-3.99 a scene). Compared to other video sites, this is extremely cheap.

For those who don't know about Hornyboy, it offers a predominance of autofellatio videos. It is one of the few internet websites to cater abundently to this fetish. The amount of videos offered on this site numbers in the hundreds, and is seperated into the following categories: Big Dick, Autofellatio, Solo, Hardcore, Three-Way, Orgy, Bisexual, Fetish, Gloryhole, Aden Graham, Sex Toys and Food. The content is fresh and unique, offering many different settings, scenarios, and guys. The models tend to be younger/Twink-like, but there are also more muscular guys to watch sucking on their own meat.

The videos tend to be around 50 mb in size, so the downloads do not take very long at all. The quality is amateur-good; it is not DVD quality, but it is pretty good amateur quality video. All in all, it looks fine even when made full-screen, so I don't have much complaints.

With titles such as "Selfing in th Sun," it is obvious that the videos center mainly around autofellatio, but the theme is expanded in the different videos. There are some clips, I believe to be among the hottest, which have orgy scenes of numerous guys sucking themselves and eachother. They then watch their buddies as they get thier own and sometimes others' cum splashed on their faces. While on the topic of facial cum, you get to see quite a lot of this here. Although there are many videos without, much of the self-sucking ends with a nice gooey shot to the face. If you are into this, then run (rather click) your way over to Hornyboy.tv and check out some of the scenes for download.

The navigation of the site is very easy-to-use, and is organized by categories, top-sellers, and new releases. After signing up for a free account, you simply add a scene to your cart and make your purchase. The entire process is very safe and seamless, with your video available to you as a direct-link download when the order is approved. The site also periodically offers discounts or promotion codes, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. Also, worth mentioning again is that there is no pesky DRM anywhere in site!

Horny Boy TV: Autofellatio Porn


The videos are available for hassle-free download, with no expiration or protection. You can fully enjoy each scene without the worry of it vanishing from your eyes in a matter of hours. The downloadable videos are available to watch on any PC, Mac or even iPod. If you are interested in something unique and different than the everyday average porn site, check out HornyBoy.TV and discover all the self-sucking and orgy videos available! Or if you are interested in the membership site for Horny Boy, click here.


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Images 8/20
Videos 17/20
Originality 19/20
Site Size 18/20
Pricing 19/20
Total 81/100
Info Checked February 10, 2010
Playback Download-able, No DRM)
Formats WMV, MP4
Quality 320x240
Number of Videos 100+
Billing Options
Processor Site Credit Card Processor
Pay-per-scene purchase 0.99 - 4.99 a scene for download-to-keep videos!
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