Muscle Worship: bulging muscle men

If you are looking for muscle, your first stop has got to be There is no other site containing quite so much muscle, and quite so much variety of muscle as this one site. The men are huge, and huge to an extent that you are unlikely to find on any other muscle site. The amount of videos is out-of-control, with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of full-length clips to keep members satisfied for a very long time. The preview section gives some brief information on the site, along with a 20-page tour. This shows prospective members a brief view of what the member's area resembles, and several image examples of men to expect when inside. Along with examples of the various site sections, you are also able to download and preview 3 videos.

This site is split into three video sections, along with Erotic Muscle Stories, Muscle Art, The Dark Side, a store, forums, and an area called "Marginalia."
The Muscle Worship Video Collection: This is the premier section of the site, where most worship videos can be found. The video library here is seemingly endless and has more bulging, bodybuilder-type men than you can imagine. I have no idea where they found all these guys, but somehow they have stuffed this site full of the most intense muscle-men on the web. Currently, this area features 469 full-length worship videos. That was not a typo, as there actually are over 450 full clips here. As this site claims to be the first muscle-worship site (along with the largest), they have built themselves up over the years to the mecca it is today.

The majority of videos have solo content, with the men talking to the viewers and verbally dominating them. They flex their muscles and strip down, allowing you to worship every part of their perfectly sculpted bodies. The videos have numerous settings, including outdoors, the gym, at home etc... but one common theme prevails: the dominance and masculinity of muscle-worship! Some videos have two men, and some have a "mystery guy" jerking the muscle-man off. Spread-out in the video library are videos with some of the most well-known muscle-men in porn, including Mark Dalton, Gauge and Tom Lord! One of my favorite videos, "Valci and Valdeci" has two bulging men with thick, meaty cocks getting jerked-off by another man who eventually catches their cum in his hand. The men in this clip have beyond perfect bodies, and they ooze masculinity from every direction. The content in this section is mainly solo, but since there are over 450 movies, there are also several duo or theme-varied films. The videos are presented in Quicktime format, and can only be streamed (at either broadband or dial-up speeds). Not only is the content well-above average, the quality is outstanding. It is some of the clearest and most vivid video-content I've seen. As the videos get older, so does the quality. Surprisingly though, the vast majority have the same quality standard, even the videos that are several years old.

Muscle Worship: bulging muscle men

The Muscle Fantasy Collection: This is the second video section of the site, and has 24 pages of video. This section has over 300 videos and differs from the previous area in that it shows muscle-men in various fantasy settings, covering loads of fetishes. There are videos with wrestling themes, construction workers, electrician, frat, daddy, lifeguard etc.. etc.. etc... until you reach page 24. The content is similar in that it is all about muscle-worship, but it has a great touch of fetish and caters to a numerous variety of fetish settings! The quality is outstanding once again, with super-high resolution videos. Some of the older clips have worse quality, but the majority are clear and look great. After browsing through this section, you leave wondering how there can be so many men with such amazing bodies! We're averaging close to 800 videos, which is seemingly out-of-control!

The Male Muscle Video Collection: Here, you will find 11 pages, each with about 12 videos (currently about 130 total). Here, the content is solo and the men basically show-off their physiques, posing for the camera and getting to various degrees of undress. The quality is the same as the previous two sections.

Other than videos, members will also find several other sections to the site. -There is an erotic stories section, currently with 18 pages of muscle fantasies. The amount of stories on each page averages around 10, and each has to do with muscle worship/fantasies. -There is also a Muscle Art section, with 4 galleries from different artists. -The Dark Side is a unique section of the site, which has 4 pages of video-content related to S&M, leather and bondage. The videos are of a lesser quality than most others on the site, but they make it up in raw, powerful content. -There is also a muscle store, forums, site news and a section called Marginalia. This last area of the site is where everything goes that doesn't fit anywhere else. Here, you will find some galleries, literature, some vintage muscle movies, etc.

Muscle Worship: bulging muscle men


In terms of muscle, I'm completely blown away by the content and quality of men. Usually a site either has quantity or quality, but here you will find a definite combination of both. This is a niche site that truly sticks to its guns. You will not find one remotely slim, average or even toned man. They are all huge and bulging with muscle mass! This is a muscle-worship site, and that is exactly what you will find here. It must be known that this site is not about hardcore sex and group gangbangs, but rather a shrine to the male physique and is filled with mostly solo content. Many scenes even have no nudity, but if you are truly a muscle-worshiper, then the men on this site and their domineering presence will be more than enough to send you through the roof with excitement. That being said, there is such an insanely large list of videos and many also contain nudity, cock worship and solo jerking-off scenes. So, overall this site is nearing 1000 full-length videos (1400+ as of February 2010), and the updates keep on coming at a constant and steady rate. If you are into muscle then do yourself a favor and check out Muscle Worship now!


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Images 15/20
Videos 20/20
Originality 19/20
Site Size 20/20
Pricing 17/20
Total 91/100


Info checked February 2010
Playback Streaming
Formats Quicktime
Number of exclusive videos 1400+
Quality Broadband (very clear, high quality), dial-up
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 29.95 a month, recurring
Option 2 69.95 for 3 months, non-recurring
Option 3 119 for 180 days, non-recurring
Option 4 199 for a year, non-recurring
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