Haze Him: Naked Frat Hazing

Haze Him

The first site of this kind: high-resolution videos and images of fraternity hazing, frat antics, teabagging etc... No low quality clips from youtube; only full, high-quality videos. Videos of hazing, strip beer pong, gay dares and more! The site is brand-new, and the number of videos is growing weekly. All sorts of antics; naked wrestling, frat hazing, gay dares and even a video of the legendary "cum cookie". New, fresh, and entirely unique; check this out!

Stag Homme Studios: Sweaty Muscle Men

Stag Homme Studios

Truly one of the hottest sites on the net, never failing to provide top-notch content. Beefy, masculine, muscular men; produced in Spain. There is a gritty, natural feeling to the videos which is absent in the majority of gay porn. Many of the videos feature 'behind the scenes' type footage, where you can get an up-front seat to the backstage sex and reality moments. Noteworthy is the "30 Loads of Facials" series, which features some intensely hot and thick facial cumshots! Don't miss this site!

Butch Dixon: Hairy Muscle Bears

Butch Dixon

Beefy, hairy guys in some of the hottest action I've seen. Uncut cock galore in crystal-clear resolution. Fully downloadable videos in a multitude of qualities and formats. If you're into hairy, masculine guys and uncut cock, then you cannot miss this site!!

The site offers both action and solo videos, available in a wide multitude of download options. There is no DRM, no limits, and a very constant flow of updates. Many times solo videos tend to be relatively boring or repetitive, but at Butch Dixon the solo videos are smoking hot. The butch, beefy guys show off their bodies, play with their foreskin, jerk their cocks... The action videos are indicative of a fresh, new site; wonderfully shot and filled with new ideas.

Honestly, I am very impressed by the content and quality this site has to offer. There are few 'Bear' sites offering such truly high-resolution content, with innovative and insanely sexy scenes. There is plenty of foreskin play, and one of the most recent updates features a group bukkake scene, filled only with hairy, masculine guys. Check this out!

Sneaky Peek - Mens Locker Room Spy Cam

Sneaky Peek

Devoted entirely to the male voyeur fetish, with almost 8,000 images and 240 videos! The content is unique and updated constantly! One of the very few high quality spy cam fetish sites! The type of content includes spying on men in the showers, hidden locker room cams, urinal spy cams, spying on guys changing, spying on guys jerking off and more! Apart from the new and high resolution videos, there is a huge photo database, featuring some of the hottest and most authentic male voyeur pics on the net! The site has been around since 1999 and recently re-launched! Check this out!

Men at Play: Muscle Suit Fetish Men at Play: Muscle Suit Fetish

Men at Play

The site is constantly updating, and the videos remain as insanely hot as ever! Now, there are ~120 hardcore videos, 111 solo videos, and 20 behind the scenes videos. With over 250 full-length videos, Men at Play continues to strive in excellence, never skimping on quality and always serving up some of the hottest gay content, period! One of the nicest changes to the site is the loss of DRM; now members can download... [read the review now]

Straight Hell: Straight Men Punishment Bondage

Straight Hell

There is no other site quite like this one! Highly recommended, with some incredibly daring and unique content! The videos are amazingly high-quality and the scenes are raw and appear authentic. The "Straight Men" vary greatly in appearances, from twenties to older and fit to very muscled. If you enjoy the fantasy of straight-man humiliation and domination, then there is no other site like this. Updates (as of February 2010) are always on-time, and provided once (sometimes more) per week. And these are not pathetic little clips either, they are incredibly high-resolution, full videos. Each model has about 5 scenes, each around 15 minutes in length. The full model collection is usually almost 1 GB of video content. The preview area is extremely extensive, with preview videos, images and very lengthy descriptions. Each video begins with an intro, which shows how the guy gets "picked up." The real, gritty feel always adds to the content quality. Make sure to check it out!


Eric Deman

The premier site for real, voyeur content and sportsmen footage. As of February 2010, there are over 33,500 videos 81,000 captures. No other site can begin to compare to the content database at Eric Deman, where members can fully download exclusive clips of Rugby players, Military guys, locker room footage, hazing videos, straight lad antics, and on, and on, and on... One of the 100% exclusive series is Eric Deman's high-resolution voyeur clips of truckers pissing. Get a front-row seat to these risky captures of truckers pissing at truck-stops! Check out this incredible site now!

Colt Studio: Massive Muscle Men

Colt Studio

One of the oldest and largest producers of all-muscle content. These videos are filled with pure masculinity; raw, fresh, beefy guys. Some incredible cumshots, especially in the older videos. Truly one of the highest quality producers of muscle porn. Watch in HD now! The members' site is literally filled with content; watch crystal-clear video streams of Colt's vintage porn as well as their new, HD releases! The quality and models are uncomparible; pure muscle action! Check out the hundreds of free videos or thousands of pics at Best Gay Sites now!

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