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              locker room spy videos

SpyonGuys.TV is the only real male voyeur site on the net. If you have ever tried searching for spycam clips or videos, you're aware that this is not an easy task. Sure, there are many so-called voyeur sites that have some staged scenes and phony bathroom cams; what these other sites have is definitely not real voyeuristic material. You can be assured that SpyonGuys.TV is loaded with real amateur spy footage!

SpyonGuys.TV works differently than a "normal" membership site, and can be compared more to a VOD service. Unfortunately, there is no option to join the site and have the ability to view every video. Rather, one must purchase a set number of tokens to view a certain amount of scenes. Basically, 5 tokens buys 1 scene and 6 scenes make up an entire movie. Therefore, it takes 30 tokens to purchase an entire film (averaging 90 minutes or more). One can purchase either a monthly token membership, where the amount of tokens is renewed each month or a token-only membership without renewal. Monthly memberships range from 19.95 to 89.95 per month and include 40 to 280 tokens, respectively. The token-only plans will cost between 49.95 and 99.95 and include 150 to 300 tokens. It is obviously advantageous to purchase more tokens at one time, as it ends up costing much less in the long-run.

This site is entirely addictive, as there are a seemingly endless amount of perfect voyeur films. The videos are implemented with DRM and are therefore not available for keep or download (as well as not available for Mac users). There are currently 59 pages, each containing 3-4 full-length videos. Therefore, there are over 180 full-length films and over 1000 scenes. The videos can be streamed in either 56k or 340k mode. The quality is not excellent, and is sometimes quite grainy. But, these are voyeur clips mainly filmed with spy cams; and many of the videos are relatively old. It can be conclusively said that the resolution may not be superb, but the content is the most authentic of any voyeur site I've come across.

The video library includes a huge amount of spy footage from locker rooms, saunas and mineral baths. The footage is outstanding and the men are incredibly fit and beautiful. There are locker room scenes with mature guys, military guys, beefy guys, black men etc... A few of the films are better quality than others, including "Military Beach," "Marine Showers'" and "Peeping Guys Locker Room." The "Sauna Jerk Off" and "Health Club Cocks" videos are among some of the hottest and most amateur that spy footage gets.

Spy on Guys - Naked men changing in the locker room

There is an impressively large amount of urinal cam footage as well. Among these, members can find some of the highest quality clips available on the site. "Rest Stop Action" was taken inside of a men's restroom and includes close-up urinal footage as well as understall spying action. There are too many restroom/mensroom videos to list, but rest assured that there are an impressive amount to keep you coming back for more and more tokens. I was overly impressed with the quality of many of these clips. Most impressive was "College Bound Rest Stop," which is nothing but urinal cam footage. The quality is extremely clear and the cocks are well hung. The camera makes some wonderful zoom-shots through a tiny hole within the toilet stall. Take a look at the SpyonGuys.TV video library, and you'll notice the extensive amount of restroom footage.

Other than locker room and restroom videos, members will also find clips from nude beaches, mardi gras, festivals and glory holes. For true voyeur clips, there is no other site like SpyonGuys.TV.

Spy on Guys - Male spy cams hidden understall and toilets


The footage found on SpyonGuys.TV is completely authentic and 100% voyeur. This is fly-on-the-wall material that is both rare and relatively taboo. If you have been searching for clips of guys changing in the locker room, showing-off in communal showers, or caught pissing in the urinals, this site has got it all! The video library is extensive and will cater to all voyeur delights, but be aware that it can get addictive (and costly) to peruse through the archives. Browse completely through the video descriptions and decide how many tokens you will need before purchasing a membership (although you'll likely want to purchase every scene)!


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Images -/-
Videos 16/20
Originality 20/20
Site Size 20/20
Pricing 12/20
Total 68/80


Number of full Videos ~180+
Number of Scenes 1000+
Number of Tokens needed for one Scene 5
Scenes per full-length video ~6
Playback Windows Media Player - DRM*
Download Formats WMV
Streaming Formats 56k or 340k WMV
Quality 320x240
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 40 Tokens for 19.95, Monthly Membership
Option 2 80 Tokens for 29.95, Monthly Membership
Option 3 120 Tokens for 39.95, Monthly Membership
Option 4 180 Tokens for 59.95, Monthly Membership
Option 5 280 Tokens for 89.95, Monthly Membership
Option 6 150 Tokens for 49.95 [Non-recurring]
Option 7 225 Tokens for 69.95 [Non-recurring]
Option 8 300 Tokens for 99.95 [Non-recurring]
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