Straight Fellas: Straight Amateur Guys is an amateur, exclusive site featuring the infamous theme of 'straight guy/gay sex'. There are a wide range of guys on this site, but they are mainly all "straight acting," muscular and Australian! There are even some Rugby players who appear on video, which is always hot!

The preview section of Straightfellas is well done, and easily presents prospective members with all the information they need. Checking out the preview section before joining is definitely recommended, as the preview page is virtually identical to that of the member's. All of the site's updates are shown, and when clicked on, you are provided with a description and a summary of the gallery pages and video download options. Really, the only thing missing from the preview section is the actual content, so be sure to check it out!

Once you've decided to join-up with, you'll quickly notice that the member's area is very straight forward, clean and easy to navigate (as it has the same format as the tour). The most popular videos are shown on the top section of the main member's page. Underneath, the entire content collection begins, spanning across seven pages. There are about 12 updates on each page, making for a total of over 80 videos and photo galleries at the time of this review.

Each update has two sections: the videos and the pictures. The image galleries are basically screen caps from the video associated with it. This makes it useful to browse the image section before deciding whether or not to download the video (there is also a pretty detailed description of each scene on the update's video page). Whenever I look over a site, I find it necessary to have this type of content. It is extremely frustrating when hardly any screen caps or information about the video are provided, leading you to download the 200mb file and realize it was something you really didn't want to see. Well, you don't have to worry about that happening here, as you are given 100-200 screen caps for each video update. The images are quite clear with most having a resolution of about 600x800.

The Videos: First of all, it's definitely worth mentioning that the videos are available for download. There is no annoying DRM or exclusively streaming content! You can download the video either in sections, or as the full-length clip. Also, you have the option of downloading the higher resolution broadband video, or a smaller resolution dial-up video (in either Windows Media or Real Player format). The file sizes [of the broadband full-length videos] range from 100-200mb. The resolution is very nice, playing at 640x480 at 765kbps! Zooming to full-screen looks excellent!

The men are filmed jerking off, being jerked off, sucking, fucking, taking cum (one model even giving himself a self-facial)... There is all types of content, with solo action, duo action and even a four-person scene. The men are hot and have great bodies, but they somehow look more real than some of the other "cookie-cutter" and "straight for gay" sites. The content definitely has an amateur feel, but the quality remains quite good. The webmaster himself is seen in several of the videos, either jerking the models off or giving them blow jobs (he even receives a few nice facials).

A few examples: The first video I viewed was from models Brad and Blair. Both of these models have nice fit bodies (and of course an Australian accent). After some jerking and massaging, Brad sucks Blair's cock. They then move to a bathtub where there is some more cock sucking action. They eventually move to the bedroom where the scene ends with Blair shooting his thick load all over Brad's cheek, eye and nose!!

A few videos to definitely check out: "Cody. Self Sucker" (this video has a great, thick facial scene), "Dean" (the buff and incredibly sexy Rugby player), "Jessy & Travis" (Identical Twin Brothers), "Awesome Foursome," and the Cream Egg video with Cameron (where he actually cums in a chocolate egg and eats it). The videos at are unique and exclusive; check the preview tour out for info on all the video scenes!

Straight Fellas: Straight Amateur Guys


With over 80 videos (158+ as of February 10, 2010), most around 30 minutes in length, there is definitely a ton of content to see. The site updates two times a month, and each update includes the date it appeared online. The site is currently producing exclusive content on a constant flow, without lags. The only thing I would have liked to see is a few more updates a month, but I must admit that the content library is already quite large and the updates occur on time. I can't even say how many sites I've visited that have ceased or miss updates frequently. I loved the content on this site; there was something to it that seemed original (and the guys were hot!!)! If you're into seeing 'straight' amateur guys fooling around with other "straight fellas."


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Images 14/20
Videos 17/20
Originality 16/20
Site Size 17/20
Pricing 15/20
Total 79/100
Updates Two times per month; every 14 days
Info checked February 10, 2010
Playback Download-able; NO DRM
Video formats WMV, and RealPlayer with newer videos
Resolution 640x480
Number of full-length videos 158+
Video lengths ~30 minutes
Video sizes 100-200 MB
Resolution 526x400
Images 100-200 screencaps for each video
Billing Options
Option 1 29.95 for one-month, non-recurring
Option 2 49.95 for three-months, non-recurring
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