Thug Fetish: kinky thug action - bondage and strapped down

As of 2012, this site has been discontinued and is no longer offering content. The page is no longer active, and therefore the links have been removed. Below is an overview of the once standing KinkyLads site!

Thug Fetish is entirely unique and completely kinky! The action is hardcore and is wrapped up in a kinky-fetish-thug scenario. The 'thug porn' market is already relatively scarce, so it is nice to finally see a niche within thug porn that is not just a general schmorgesborg of content. is relatively new, and is currently letting its video library grow.

The members' section has a simple layout: a top navigation bar dividing the site into photos, videos and stories. The main page also lists the most recent additions, and has a handy little search tool to enable easy browsing through the galleries. Again, the site is quite new so there are only about 20 videos and 15 galleries available to new members. Galleries and videos are added about 2 or 3 times a month, respectively, making a total of between 4 and 6 updates a month. Judging by the dates given, the first video/photo-set was added in December of 2007. Therefore, the site really is completely new and 100% fresh! Don't be turned away by the infancy of the site, as the content is reminiscent of its time in the porn industry: innovative and different. It gets tiring browsing through the never-ending list of old and new porn sites alike, discovering that everything is exactly the same! Well, I believe Thug Fetish has potential to finally start producing some different content! There is so much to be done in gay porn that just isn't getting done, and this surely leaks into the thug porn genre as well. Now that I've finished my spiel, let's take a closer look at the early stages of

The photo section currently has 15 galleries, and presents image-sets of bondage (tied up in ropes), mummification (in plastic wrap), shaving and several more tame sex scenes. Unfortunately, the images seem to be snapshots from videos and the quality is subpar. This being said, the content is interesting and quite kinky. There are two photo-sets entitled "drug dat trick," where metal 'stretchers' are used on the mouth and ass. The ending is great, where one guy cums on the other's face and mouth (opened up with the metal device).

At the time of this review, there were 18 videos total. The majority of videos corresponded to the photo-sets, so members could preview the content in the galleries before viewing the clip. There is only one format available: Windows Media, so make sure to have the software and requirements ahead of time. Fortunately, there is an option to either stream or download the videos; there is no DRM, so members can feel free to keep and watch these videos forever! The quality is quite good, with a resolution of 640x480.

The fetishes present in the video section are the same as in the photo section: bondage, domination, mummification and hardcore sex. One of the best videos on the site, corresponding to the photo-set "drug dat trick," involves a hugely hung top who completely dominates a bottom-guy; he forces his long, thick cock into his mouth and ass. Beforehand, he uses the metal stretcher to open the bottom's ass up after inserting a large dildo. The video is completely kinky in its entirety, and something that is unique to the niche. Overall, the video content is hot, but the archive size is still quite small.

Thug Fetish: kinky thug porn - plastic wrap and sleeping men

Conclusion: is a brand-new site catering to the Thug Porn niche. Unlike other sites in this category, Thug Fetish boasts a new and growing library of pure fetish-thug content. As the site is new, there is only a total of about 20 videos and 15 galleries. I would have liked to see some higher quality photos, but other than that, there is much potential for future content. With videos having slogans such as "Plastic Thug" and "Gagged Open," you're sure to find something completely unique and raw. If you're in the mood for pure kink mixed with rough thug sex, then check out the new site.


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Images 8/20
Videos 15/20
Originality 19/20
Site Size 9/20
Pricing 15/20
Total 66/100
Playback Download-able, Streaming; *NO DRM
Video Formats WMV
Number of Full-length Videos ~20
Number of User Videos 600+
Quality 640x480
Updates 2-3 per month - photos and videos
Resolution Screengrabs from videos
Number of Galleries 15+
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 19.95 for 3-day trial, recurring at 29.95 a month
Option 2 29.95 for 30 days, recurring at 29.95 a month
Option 3 79.95 for 3 months, recurring at 79.95 for 3 months
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