UOMOTV: Amateur Latin Men

UOMOTV is one of the brand-new sites to come on board, carrying with it a growing number of hardcore videos. One of the unique aspects of this site is its super-high resolution videos. As our technology improves, it seems only a few sites have latched onto what seems pretty universal in straight porn: the ultra-high resolution of new porn sites. Well, at UOMOTV, they have incorporated this quality into all their videos featuring Latin men and uninhibited action.

The preview section is very accurate, resembling the member's area almost exactly. Here, you can preview the entire video archive and click on each update to get a small clip of the action. You can also read a description of what each update is about. I found the preview section to be very useful, and is therefore a definite to check out before joining.

Once inside the member's area, you'll notice that the layout is exactly what you have seen in the tour. The navigation is simple and easy with the site only having one main section: the Video Gallery. Currently, there are 8 pages of content, each with about 9 videos (totaling 69 at the time of this review). [Update - as of February 2010, there are 37 pages of content and over 330 videos! This site is updating like crazy!] It is important to mention that this site is purely a video site, with no photo galleries. The updates are frequent and occur every Wednesday and Friday. I found this to be very impressive, and loved that the new updates provide the date they were added (making it known that the updates did actually occur on this basis). As I mentioned, this site is very new and therefore has quite a large number of videos for its lifespan. The newest videos have a resolution of 960x540, and some of the first additions to the site have a resolution of 640x480. As I said, the resolution is fantastic! And... there is no DRM! The videos are all in Windows Media format, yet the site makes a point to state they don't use DRM technology! Here, you can download and keep the videos forever!

The content ranges from solo to duo to threesome action and the men are all Latin and hung (mostly uncut)! There is fucking, sucking, rimming, jerking-off, "straight" guys, gay guys etc.. etc... There is lots to see here, and the content is always fresh and hot. The quality makes each scene more worthwhile, where you can see each part of the model's body up-close and personal!

UOMOTV: Amateur Latin Men

When reviewing this site, one of the newest additions was the video-update for Vicente and Josue. The action looked great and the men sexy. I quickly downloaded the full-length video, and was pleased at the speed. You don't have to worry about your downloads taking hours (as with some low-bandwidth sites), as the speeds are surely optimized. This video was split into two parts, with each part nearing 200 mb. It is therefore worth mentioning that if you are planning on downloading a large number of videos from this site, be sure you have an internet provider that doesn't have too low of a download limit, as you can reach the GB-range within no-time! After downloading, I was once again surprised at just how clear these videos are. The resolution was 960x540, and I hardly needed to expand it to full-screen, as it basically was full-screen when I opened it. You could see the lube glistening off each guy's ass, and could even see sweat forming. In this clip, Vicente and Josue fuck each other one after the other (after Vicente works over Josue's enormous cock with his mouth). The audio is also great in these movies, as in this clip where you could hear everything going on!

In another video with Yovi and Caio, there is a great oral scene, where the model Caio sucks cock for the first time. The quality is at par with the previous scene, and the same comments could be said about the resolution and audio. It is very hot to see the hesitation and the ultimate giving-in of the model, wanting to try something new with the other Latin stud.

UOMOTV: Amateur Latin Men


UOMOTV is a new site that has made its mark within the high-quality porn market. As a member, you are presented with a quickly growing library of videos, and an ability to download and keep each and every incredibly high-quality clip! Again, this site is strictly videos and the updates are very frequent, occurring two times a week! If you are unsure about joining, make sure to check out the preview tour, which is filled with preview videos and descriptions.


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Images 13/20
Videos 20/20
Originality 16/20
Site Size 20/20
Pricing 16/20
Total 85/100
Info checked February 2010
Updates 2 times per week; every Wednesday and Saturday
Playback Doanload-able, *NO DRM
Formats WMV, FLV
Number of exclusive videos 330+
Quality 960x540, 640x480
Billing Options
Processor CCBill
Option 1 $24.95 for 30 days, renews at 19.95
Option 2 $29.95 for 30 days, non-recurring
Option 3 $49.95 for 90 days, non-recurring
Option 4 900 Phone Billing: $34.95 for 30 days, non-recurring
Option 5 CCBill DirectPay EU: 21.95 Euros for 30 days, non-recurring
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